Pixie Parcel Service is a super convenient, cost-effective concierge service designed to help frequent visitors to Walt Disney World and the Orlando area make the most of their time and money by doing the work for you! We offer a combined parcel service and storage, grocery delivery and gift basket delivery service exclusive to our Parcel Service Members! 

Do you visit often?  Are there items you only use while you’re on vacation, like swim gear, certain clothing, shoes, tote bags, sunscreen, rain ponchos, and beach towels? Would you like to have certain items here at your disposal, instead of worrying about bringing them back and forth for every visit? Not to mention, paying extra baggage fees for those items?  Pixie Parcel Service provides a storage locker where you can keep all that stuff year-round, and we will even bring it to you, and take it back to storage when your vacation has ended!

How about having things like full sized toiletries, baby items, bottled water, breakfast items, beer, wine, and your favorite sodas delivered to your hotel?  Pixie Parcel Service will do the shopping for you!  With your membership, you get non-perishable grocery delivery service! Any non-perishable items that can be found at Target, Walgreens or Publix can be ordered for delivery. Grocery delivery is a service that is only offered to Pixie Parcel Service members, when accompanied by their Parcel delivery!

Need a gift basket delivered for a special occasion? Guess what? With a Pixie Parcel Service membership, you get unlimited – yes unlimited – gift basket delivery. Whether you’re here or not, we will deliver gift baskets for you and your loved ones with no delivery fee! That’s a savings of $15-25 per gift basket delivery!

Pixie Parcel Service membership starts the day of your first parcel delivery! Want to join now, but not visiting until September? That’s OK! You can secure your membership with payment now, and your 1 year countdown starts on the day of your first delivery.

Why choose Pixie Parcel Service? Well, you could one local company that offers locker storage and delivery, and another company that offers grocery delivery.  BUT – they only provide their services to a small list of area Resort Hotels.  Pixie Parcel Service provides BOTH of those services, PLUS gift basket design & delivery, AND, we offer these services to most Orlando area resorts and time share properties! If you’re staying near Disney, Universal, Sea World, or I-Drive, chances are we deliver there. So, you can use one highly service oriented company to do everything for you, and have it waiting when you arrive.

What will the service cost?  There is a $200 annual membership fee, plus a one-time startup fee of $30 to cover the cost of your Pixie Parcel storage locker and lock. That’s it! With that, you receive one full year of unlimited pickup and delivery of your Pixie Parcel, PLUS one full year of grocery and unlimited gift basket deliveries! 

Your $30 Startup Fee covers the cost of the Parcel, a programmable lock, and two organizer bins! 

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? All this fits inside a Pixie Parcel, but you can put pretty much anything you'd like inside, and we can even fill it for you for your first delivery!  The Parcel is a 25 gallon, 200 pound capacity heavy duty foot locker with a hinged lid, recessed wheels and handles for easy transport. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to know about owning a Pixie Parcel?

 - Your Pixie Parcel is stored in a climate controlled storage room, moisture free and air conditioned. 

 - The bin is tough, but I recommend no more than 50 lbs (don’t worry if it’s a little     above that)

 - Common sense rules overall, no illegal or potentially dangerous items allowed. If        you would not store it in your closet, then please do not store it in here (open        food containers, wet clothing, etc.)

 - We will issue you a lock, and you can choose the 3 digit pin number (don’t worry      if you forget it just contact us through private message on Facebook or email      for the number)

What do I need to know about delivery and pickup of my parcel?

 - Please let me know as soon as you have details on your trip/delivery, I’ll need to      know your:

     * resort name

     * arrival date & departure date

     * reservation number & primary name on reservation

     * cell phone number to contact for pickup and delivery

     * If it’s a spontaneous trip I can work with you on the details.

     * No limit on deliveries/pickups with your annual membership. The yearly clock          starts upon your first delivery.

     * No delivery fees with your annual membership.

     * Any changes to your itinerary please communicate to me as soon as you can.

 - Your parcel is labelled for proper delivery to you through messages left at          the registration desk and delivery through bell services. Your parcel will be            tagged with a Bell Services claim ticket upon arrival. We will text you a photo        of that claim ticket so that you can call bell services from your room for          delivery of the parcel.

 -  When it’s time to go home, simply call Bell Services to pick up your Parcel.            They will tag it again with a claim check ticket and give you the stub. Send us        a photo of the stub so that we can use it to pick up your parcel and return        it to storage until your next visit to Orlando.

Where do we deliver?

 - All Disney, Universal, Sea World, and I-Drive resorts. If outside of these areas, I        can work with you on a case by case basis.

 - You own the parcel/bin, if you want it sent home or out of the area, I can ship it   to you, with additional charges for shipping and supplies. I don’t recommend this       though because your items are at the mercy of the postal service during shipping.

How do I order items to put in the parcel or to have delivered with my Parcel to make my trip more convenient?

 - Let us know what non-perishable food items, baby care supplies, over the            counter medicines, personal care items, alcohol, or other convenience supplies        you’d like to have delivered. I will then invoice for the items, listing all charges.          Essentially anything that doesn’t need refrigeration can be ordered, as long as it      can be found at one of the following locations: Publix, Target, Walgreens, or ABC    Liquor store.

 - Items will be bagged up and delivered to Bell Services at your resort.
 - Just like your Parcel, your grocery order will be tagged with a claim check          ticket.
 - We will text you a photo of the stub so that you can have it delivered to your        room when you arrive.
 - As a member of Pixie Parcel Service, there is no delivery fee for grocery          service.
- There is a minimum of $50 retail merchandise per grocery order. Item pricing       can vary greatly depending on the season and sales, so you will receive an itemized   invoice. Most items will be marked up 20-25% to cover our time to do your           grocery shopping.

How do we get started?
 - Simply PM me on Facebook, or email pixiedusted18@yahoo.com with your              information. I will invoice you for the cost of the membership. Once I’ve received    payment, I will send you a welcome letter with details on how to notify me for        each of your visits to Orlando!