Welcome! I am pleased to offer you a new and exciting way to beat the Disney Withdrawals at home! Each month, you will receive a special little package of Pixie Dust in the mail, handpicked and wrapped up, just for you by your personal Disney magic maker!  There are several options for club membership, and a limited number of subscriptions to fill. I hope you’ll join me in keeping that magic alive at home!  


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Pixie Dust Delivery’s Magic of the Month Club!

Membership for Magic, The New Mickey Munchies, Kid's Countdown and Collector's Editions

is currently OPEN, but space is very limited! 

The deadline to join or renew for the current month's delivery is on the 20th.

Packages ship by the 28th of every month.

Rates posted are for memberships shipping in the United States.

If you would like pricing for international memberships, please contact me.

One Month Trial Offer Pricing:

Magic $100

Collector's Edition $175

Munchies $75

Kids Countdown $85

*New pricing and new features have been added, please be sure to read carefully! The longer your membership, the less you pay per month!*

If you're a current member and wish to renew or upgrade your membership, please contact me as soon as possible. The longer you subscribe, the less it costs per month. Space is limited for each group, and enrollment can close at any time, indefinitely. 

For information on the NEW! Kid's Countdown Edition, please scroll down!

For information on the Collector's Edition, please scroll down! 

For information on International memberships, please contact me. 

How To Join:

Email me at pixiedusted18@yahoo.com or private message me on Facebook. Please provide the following:

Name and shipping address.

Email address.

Any food allergies.

The Membership name and number of months you'd like in your subscription.

If this is a gift, please provide the recipient's information, name and address.

I will then send an invoice to your email through PayPal to process your order. I will also PM or email you with details of your order, as well as a direct link to post payment. You can post payment by PayPal, credit and debit card.


Pricing includes the cost of your monthly boxes plus USPS Priority Mail Shipping, service fee, and payment processing fee. 

You do not have to be a member of Magic of the Month Club to order shipped or delivered gifts or gift baskets. This is a separate service that I offer.

Magic packages are geared towards older children and adults.  If you would like your membership packages to be geared towards younger children (under age 10) please specify when you join. 

Magic of the Month packages are shipped around the 28th of every month.  In addition to the items I purchase for the packages, I also include several member exclusive random giveaways (such as limited edition trading pins) each month!  

When you are due to renew, I will email or PM you on Facebook to advise you of your options, and of payment due date if you wish to continue your membership. 


Membership Options

 The Magic of the Month Club Package:

Magic Package has been re-designed with you in mind!  Now, you'll receive more of the items you love! When you join/renew, simply provide the following info, and we will do our best to make it extra special each month:

Your Favorite: color, Disney character, Disney park, Disney treat.

1 item you definitely want to receive each month. (ex: pins, Vinylmation, plush, Krispies, etc.)

Indicate - "yes food" or "no food" to receive some food items in your package each month.   

Please be sure to let us know if there are any food allergies.

New - All Magic Packages will arrived gift wrapped with a personal note each month! 

Items received monthly will include things like small or medium plush, pen sets, Mickey Krispies, notepads, journals, key chains, magnet sets, Goofy’s Candy Company items, Christmas ornaments, calendars, tee shirts, tote bags, Magic Bands, trading pin sets, kitchen items, lots of surprises from special events, and seasonal items such as Halloween and Christmas items. Items shipped will be a “surprise”.  You never know what little treasures might show up at your doorstep!

Pricing includes the cost of monthly boxes, US shipping & fees, and is for the length of the membership. The total of the membership is due in full upon enrollment.  You are welcome to extend/renew your membership once you've enrolled. 

This membership is designed for ONE person per household, and is intended for age 10 and up.  If you'd like to do a family/multiple membership for folks in the same household, please contact me for pricing. 

"MAGIC 1" = 3 months  ($80 per month)  $240 is due in full upon enrollment. 

"MAGIC 2" = 6 months  ($75 per month) $450 is due in full upon enrollment.      

"MAGIC 4" = 12 months  ($70 per month)  $840 is due in full upon enrollment. 

***New: all 12 month Magic Members will receive free gift basket delivery to Disney World Resort hotels for the length of their membership! That's a savings of $15-25 per gift basket delivery!*

NEW: Magical Mickey Munchies!

All Food, all the time! This will be a random package of all edible items! It will include things like Mickey Krispies, Goofy's Candy Company items, treats from the World Showcase shops, and more! 

"Mickey Munchie 1" = 3 months ($60 per month) $180 is due in full upon enrollment.

"Mickey Munchie 2" = 6 months ($55 per month) $330 is due in full upon enrollment.

"Mickey Munchie 3" = 12 months  ($50 per month) $600 is due in full upon enrollment.

Kid’s Countdown Edition!

$70 per month. Minimum of 3 months, discounts on longer memberships. Payment of membership is due in full when you join. Includes tax, US shipping and fees.  Please contact me for international rates.  Length of membership depends on the length of your countdown! You choose when to start and stop deliveries.  You are welcome to extend/renew at any time!

Kids will receive a monthly delivery of items such as a letter or post card from their favorite character, park maps, stickers, celebration buttons with their name, ear hats, Magic Bands, autograph books & pens, tee shirts, candy, Mickey Krispies, pens, note pads, trading pins, and more!

This membership is designed for ONE person per household.  If you’d like to celebrate your countdown for more than one family member, please contact me for a “group” rate!

At the end of your countdown, you will receive a special offer for free delivery on a gift basket to be delivered to your resort hotel when you arrive!

Simply provide the following info:

Kid’s name & age

Any food allergies

Favorite colors, characters, Disney treats

Birthday – date & month

Date of vacation

Desired Start and Stop dates for deliveries

Email to send invoice & shipping address

Any other information you’d like to provide to make this extra magical!

 Magic of the Month Club offers are subject to change at any time without notice. Magic of the Month Club Membership and all items received are no refund/no return/ no exchange. 



Magic of the Month Club

Collector’s Edition!


$480 includes merchandise, tax, US shipping, supplies & fees for a total of three months. For renewal and/or 6-12 month rates, please contact me.  

6 Months for $875 (orig. $960)

12 Months for $1720 (orig. $1920)

Limited to a total of 25 members!

***NEW: ALL Collector's Edition Members will receive FREE delivery on gift baskets to Disney World Resorts for the length of their membership! That's a savings of $15-25 per gift basket!

***NEW: ALL 12 Month Collector's Edition Members who join/renew will receive 1 free gift basket with $50 retail merchandise!*** 

Packages will ship on the 28th of each month by USPS Priority Mail. This offer is for USA residents only. You will receive an email with a tracking number when it ships. 

These packages will be highly individualized; no two will ever be the same, and they will include items like limited edition, special event & highly collectible items. Each package will have at least $100 in authentic Disney Parks retail merchandise.

Packages will be “gift wrapped”  or packaged as a gift, as a special surprise each month!

This membership is intended for adult individual members only.

If this is a gift, please provide the recipient’s name & shipping information.

Please PM me on Facebook or email me at pixiedusted18@yahoo.com to provide the following information:

Email address

Shipping address

Birthday, Shirt Size, Any food allergies

Favorite Color

Favorite Disney Treats

3 Favorite Disney Characters

3 Favorite Disney Movies

Favorite Disney Park & 3 Favorite Disney Attractions

3 Favorite Disney items to collect (ex: trading pins, figurines, ornaments, Pandora, Vinylmation, Alex & Ani, Dooney & Bourke)

Favorite Holiday

Any other likes/dislikes you’d like to add. 

I will send you an invoice through PayPal via email to post payment. I will also provide you with a direct link to the invoice for fast, easy payment. You may post payment by PayPal, credit or debit card.