Delivering All Your Disney Desires With a Little Extra Magic!

How It Works...

How it works is simple! 

Contact me here on the website, or message me on Facebook at Pixie Dust Delivery Service to place your order.

Tell me what you're looking for!  

I will offer ideas, and together we will customize your order to suit your needs!

I will provide an invoice and direct link for quick & easy payment.


A few things to note:

All of my gift baskets are custom made and one of a kind. I have never made the same one twice! I do not have set pricing or set inventory.  I will work with you to customize everything to fit what you're looking for. If you're not quite sure of what you'd like, I will be happy to help you find something perfect! 

I am very good at what I do, and if it exists, I will find it! I have found rare and hard to find items for many, many clients.  

I take pre-order and pre-payment for all orders.  I shop "to order", I do not keep items on hand or resell.

Gift Basket orders require invoicing and payment at least 5 days prior to delivery, sooner if you are requesting seasonal/limited/high demand items.   If you would like to place a last minute gift basket order, please contact me and I will try to fit it in my schedule.

There is a rush fee for any last minute gift basket order of $25-50, which will be determined on an individual basis, depending on several factors including - how much notice I am given, availability and ease of locating stock, my current delivery schedule for the requested date, and location of delivery.  I will notify you and include it on the invoice if applicable. 

Any orders which require rush processing (shipping with 24-48 hours) may also incur a rush fee of $20-$50, plus additional shipping charges for Express Mail when applicable.  These fees will be discussed and noted on your invoice at the time the order is processed. 


Terms & Policies:

Minimum $50 on all orders, plus tax, shipping/delivery & fees.

Delivery charge of $15 if delivering to a resort on Disney World Property. $25-$40 to all other resorts in the Orlando area, if within my delivery service area. Delivery charge is per gift basket. I may offer a discount on multiples, depending on the season and resort location. Your order will be taken to the front desk/concierge where it will stay until you check in to the resort. The runner or concierge will then deliver it to your room when the room is made available. Once an item has been delivered to the front desk, it is under their discretion as to when it will be delivered to your room. Pixie Dust Delivery Service does their best to request it be placed in the room upon arrival, but cannot guarantee when the hotel staff will do so. 

Shipping is done through U.S.P.S. 2-3 Day Priority Mail.  All orders outside the U.S. are shipped Priority Mail International 6-10 Business Day.  Express Mail, Fedex, and UPS are available upon request, for an additional fee.

Service fee on all orders.  The service fee covers my time, transportation, packing materials, and incidentals. I sometimes offer special pricing on higher end items. It will be included in your quote.

Invoicing and payment processing fee on all orders. It will be included in your quote.

Please note: payment must be posted directly through PayPal. Acceptable forms of payment are PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Card.  You do not need a PayPal account to post payment to the invoice that I provide, you may post payment as a guest with a credit or debit card. Money orders, personal checks, electroic checks, gift cards, cash on delivery, and any other form of payment not mentioned above are NOT accepted forms of payment.  Items are not held at any time without payment. If you need to post a payment at a later date, please let me know that upfront and I will try to work with you on that.  Please do not assume that your order will be held or even filled without first posting payment.  Receipt of an invoice without posting payment does not hold your order, or your place "in line".  Receipt of a gift basket invoice does not secure your order or your date for delivery until payment is made in full.  

When purchasing alcoholic beverages, Government photo ID with proof of age 21 must be provided at time of delivery. Please note that any gift basket containing alcoholic beverages cannot be placed in a hotel room prior to guest check in. The front desk staff must verify proof of age 21 prior to giving the gift basket to the guest.  Please note: alcoholic beverages cannot be shipped. 

Cancellation Policies:  Any order that is canceled after an invoice has been sent is subject to a cancellation fee of 20-100%, and will be dealt with on a case to case basis.  Any order that is canceled after an invoice has been sent, but without posting payment, may result in being banned from using this service.  Please do not occupy my time to work on an order, if you are not serious about making payment. It is not fair to me, or to other clients who are eager to use my services, and may be waiting to secure an order or delivery spot.

If a preorder/prepayment has been made for a future order  and order is canceled, the payment will not be refunded.  On a case to case basis, I may choose to either institute a cancellation fee, or not.  On a case to case basis, I may allow those funds to be used as a credit towards another order, or not. Please keep in mind that these policies have been put in place for very good reason.  They are necessary to ensure fair treatment and accessibility of items and services to all who wish to use them.

Returns/Exchanges:  All items listed on all invoices are strictly no return, no exchange, non refundable at this time.  No exceptions. If you have a question about this, please contact me.

Order pricing is subject to change under the discretion of Pixie Dust Delivery Service.  Item release dates and availability are subject to change at any time. A preorder/invoice is never a guarantee of any order at any time.  If a preorder becomes unavailable, you may be given alternate options for your purchase, for example - a similar item of the same value, full credit towards another order or even a full refund. 

Substitutions -- there may be times when stock of specific items is not available. When a gift basket order is placed, all items listed on the invoice are subject to change. If a specific item is not available prior to your scheduled delivery date, you may be contacted with alternate choices for the gift basket items.  

International orders may be charged an import tax or customs fee upon delivery. Pixie Dust Delivery Service does not determine this fee, nor do we have any control over who does or does not receive a fee for delivery in their country. Pixie Dust Delivery Service takes steps to minimize these charges whenever possible. But there is no way to determine these fees in advance.

Prompt payment is expected on all orders.  Because I have had this happen too many times now, any invoice not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled, unless I have agreed to other arrangements and noted it on the invoice at the time the order is placed.  Thank you for understanding. 

 Please note: terms and policies of Pixie Dust Delivery Service noted here, by invoice, per conversation, and as noted otherwise, are subject to change at any time without notice.